Taking the Ferrari 348 interior and transforming it


We remove the standard seats in the Ferrari 348 and replace them with our custom carbon fibre backed lightweight seats designed in the style of the infamous Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale seats. They are stylish, comfortable and functional.

Wheel & Instrument Cluster

The steering wheel is reupholstered and refinished to remove all plastic parts whilst the instrument cluster is overhauled with a more streamlined design and a new set of gauges. The upgraded steering column housing is a small example of the detail we have gone into to create a stunning interior.

Centre Console

We have redesigned and enhanced every aspect of the standard 348’s centre console. We carve out behind the console to create more space in the footwell for both passengers and remove weight.

Lower Console

The components on the lower centre console are significantly upgraded. We move the transmission to the centre of the console, upgrade the switches and buttons, integrate two cup holders and build a bespoke arm rest compartment which hides USB audio connectivity.

Air Vents

We have designed and created custom air vents to replace the standard square plastic vents from the Ferrari 348. Our vents can be finished in a number of high quality materials such as carbon, aluminium, leather or Alcantara.


We have upgraded and improved the pedals. The new pedal set we install are bespoke and lightweight. They can be specified in a number of colours to suit your individual style.

Upper Console

The components on the upper centre console are all new. The ignition system sits pride-of-place in the centre and adds drama and occasion to the cabin. We have built the audio system into the console elegantly and developed the climate controls with improved functionality in mind.


In a pursuit for performance, no stone is left unturned. To maximise weight savings, the interior carpets from a standard Ferrari 348 are removed. It its place is a carbon fibre shell. The dashboard and door panels are also replaced with carbon fibre components. Even the centre console has been cut away in the footwell to reduce unneeded material.


We have created a unique and exciting ignition process which makes starting the vehicle tantalisingly good fun. Each key is bespoke to its car and is built from coloured carbon fibre. It is shaped like the classic electric ‘kill switches’ seen in motorsports. The one-piece key is assembled to aerospace standards and embodies the same level of craftsmanship as the car. It sits pride of place in the centre of the centre-console and reminds the occupants of the cars sporting intent. The key is a showstopper, even outside the car.

Each interior is a truly unique and bespoke commission.

Below are some examples of what can be achieved with bespoke interior options.

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