Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

Standard Ferrari 348 Evoluto Primo
Length 4230 mm 4230 mm
Width 1894 mm 1951 mm
Height 1170 mm 1170 mm
Wheelbase 2450 mm 2450 mm
Front Track 1502 mm 1679 mm
Rear Track 1578 mm 1632 mm
Curb Weight 1390 kg 1000 kg


Frame The steel monocoque is finely tuned and stiffened to accept the significant increase in power from the original 300bhp to 500bhp.
Engine Frame Custom lightweight alloy subframe similar to Ferrari 360 engine mounting system
Fuel Tank 95L retained from standard Ferrari 348
Front Suspension Ohlins Coil Over Suspension with External Reservoirs positioned in front compartment. Upgraded antiroll bar.
Rear Suspension Ohlins Coil Over Suspension with External Reservoirs positioned behind occupant seats. Upgraded antiroll bar.
Nose Lift System Manually operated hydraulic nose lift system for urban conditions (under 30mph)
Front Brakes Brembo GTR 6 Piston Slotted Disks
Rear Brakes Brembo GTR 4 Piston Slotted Disks
Steering Original 348 Rack-and-pinion steering is retained for peak analogue feedback
Front Wheels Bespoke Forged Aluminium centre-lock 5 spoke wheels – 19” x 9”
Rear Wheels Bespoke Forged Aluminium centre-lock 5 spoke wheels – 19” x 11”
Front Tyres 245/35 ZR 19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
Rear Tyres 305/30 ZR 19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
Roll Bars TBC

Powertrain and Transmission

Engine We use the engine from a Ferrari 360. The Tipo F131 V8 is tuned heavily from a standard 400bhp to 500bhp using technology developed by Michelotto Automobili during the 360 GTC racing program.
Valve Actuation Twin overhead camshafts per bank, five valves per cylinder
Lubrication Dry sump
Max Power 500bhp
Max Torque 410Nm at 6500rpm*
Max Revs 10,000rpm*
Engine Control Unit Motec ECU
Exhaust Exhaust details to be finalised in the future
Plenum Carbon Fibre intake manifold
Gearbox Significantly upgraded 6 speed ‘H’ gated Graziano shifter

*modelled results

Lighting & Electrical

Front Lights The front ‘pop-up’ light housings are retained and the low and high beam units are upgraded with Hella Bi-Xenon units.
Rear Lights The square lights from a 348 are replaced with vastly improved and lightweight units from more modern Ferraris.
Day Running Lights Additional lighting in the form of DRL’s has been integrated into the front bumper.
Wiring Loom The wiring loom is completely replaced with a lightweight, motorsport grade solution. Replacing the 25+ year old system from the standard car.


Bodywork All Carbon Fibre shell with the exception of the roof and front light housings.
Glazing Retained from donor car unless replacement is required.
Front Grilles Lightweight Alloy
Rear Grilles Lightweight Alloy
Under-Body Aerodynamics An composite under-body aero kit is available as an option to improve ground effect (part of our Race Pack).

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