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verb [1]  /pi:k/

to reach the highest, strongest, or best point, value, or level of skill:


verb [1]  /a:na:logue/ US: analog

not involving or relating to the use of computer technology, as a contrast to a digital counterpart:

The ultimate evolution of

the naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari

A Legend Rebuilt for You

Combining our own unique vision and our clients’ sources of inspiration, each vehicle is a truly unique and bespoke commission with the iconic silhouette of a Ferrari 348 and the soul of a Challenge track machine.

Our Evoluto Primo modification program creates a raw but usable car that pays homage to the naturally aspirated V8’s that have since been replaced with turbo assisted electronics.

Evoluto evolves the standard Ferrari 348 into a humble prancing horse that delivers legitimately and unassumingly.

Evolved for road and track performance

Tuned to 500bhp

Naturally aspirated, high revving perfection

Purposefully Wide

A functional stance built from track intelligence for peak performance

1,000kg (2,200lbs)

Over 300kg lighter than a standard Ferrari 348 thanks to motorsport grade carbon fibre

6 Speed Manual

Gated manual gearbox designed for analogue pleasure

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Our Vision of an Optimised Supercar

Evoluto restores and modifies Ferrari 348s into stunning custom vehicles by taking each model on a thorough, yet sympathetic evolutionary journey. We are dedicated to enhancing and protecting the 348’s beauty, whilst injecting state of the art technology and modern usability to create a car at ‘peak analogue’.

Our objective is to showcase what we believe is the ultimate naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 supercar; a car that is raw and a car that is emotional, as well as being wholly usable and accessible.